Personally I think it is hella wack for these curators and organizers to try to acknowledge GRAFFITI as an art form and as a rebellion movment and then buff KATSU. To put up a controlled mural that is fake and trendy just to give a good name and save face. It really shows where these people stand. It is BULLSHIT, and this event just lost any and all hope of this being a good thing for the graffiti movement. Like the event is moving the culture forward and all that garbage talk.
This mural is some weak ass toy shit. period.


Rime Paints a Blade Mural on MOCA Wall | Senses Lost.rime blade moca graffiti

  1. You are correct in your assessment of this situation. Not only is it a commercialization of this culture but also an attempt by the social engineers of today to jump into the drivers seat and use art to further their agenda of castrating peoples imaginations and turning them into sheep. Eli Broad, the 45th richest man in the world, who also happens to be funding this event, would call this SHEEP class “Folks who can make it in the new worlds global economy. Bar codes, retna scanners, telescreens, biometric facial recognition cameras on every corner. This is the new world he speaks of. FUCK THAT!

    Im glad to see you writing about this issue. You join the ranks of a great many people when you shed light onto these areas which many deem to be taboo. I think it was Orwell summed it up when he said “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is revolutionary!”

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