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KATSU killin’ it.

These are some old videos, but i think they need another view from everybody!!


This Time Last Year!!

Since we havn’t had this blog going a year yet. A new post called “THIS TIME LAST YEAR!!” will showcase all the dope things and times that happened during Twenty10. Once or twice a month updates depending on how dope the month was!! Enjoy.

Winnebago Guy!!

Probably one of my favorite youtube clips I have come across over the years. And I just found out they made a documentary about tracking this guy down and showing him what a youtube sensation he has become! If you haven’t seen this before it is fucking priceless!!

Graffiti Asia

The book was dropped may 2010. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with the authors in Jakarta on one of there last nights in Asia. Totally by random as I was meeting up with writers Darbotz, Zany13, and Nsane5, from Indonesia and these guys were rolling with them.
Now I have heard lots of hate thrown towards this book as it does not represent the Asian graffiti culture as properly as everybody wants it to. Since I met these guys and after going through the book I think they did a decent job with the limited time they spent in asia collecting material and with the writers they met. That being said I think there are alot of holes and lack of information on alot of writers that needed more or some credit at all. The book would have needed to be twice the size and double the budget if it wanted to accomplish this!!
Overall it is a good buy and does give you a good overview of graffiti in asia. Due to the fast and ever growing scene out there this book will be the first of many to come of its kind!!

Check the official siteHERE.


L.A.’s most infamous graffiti king!! “He’s an 18 yr. old who grew up in the projects of Los Angeles…. And has defaced more than $500,000 from Orange county to San Francisco” L.A. Times Nov.13, 1990.

The last minute of dialogue is whats up!!

I went to Eastvan and all I got was fucked!!

Welcome to Eastvan condoms!!


I just got a letter back from Rols Royce. He is currently doing time at the twin towers correctional facility in downtown L.A. awaiting his trial. He has been there over 6 months now with a $1,000,000 bail and is facing 8-10 years on some bullshit drug charges. He is hanging tough and soldiering it out like a G. I put together a short slide show/youtube clip of some fliks of his over the years. All photos are from Vancouver. Stay strong brother.
If you leave a comment at the bottom of the you tube video i will print the page out and send it to him.