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Sideshowin’ at its best!!

Over the years… Everybody has put there own version of sideshowin and hyphy youtube clips. But i have to say this one takes the cake. not for its professional filming or video editors!! but plain and simple it has the stueiest folk doing the stupidest doo doo dumbsky stunts, major campaining, thizzin’ and gas skillz!!!…. Yaddadamiennnn!!!


Stay up on the BENCH…

Message being??

Message being??  Be a punk ass snitch, and NOT a hero??

Because your gonna get your ass knocked out if you try and be one??!!!!  hahaha

Beat Heros!!


Senseslost interview with yours truly!!

We recently caught up with the Vancouver based graffiti writer Demos to do an interview. Demos tells us about his influences to do graffiti. He talks about some of the cities he’s painted and he also shares an interesting chase story in Bangkok. Read the full interview with Demos here.


Still waiting on Asumes final flik!!

Harry Brown

Sir Michael Caine’s latest blockbuster.

This is only the first 2 mins of the film!!